About Esajee's Store

1901. Esajee & sons was established in the city of Rawalpindi, during the british rule of the indian sub-continent.

1965. Esajee & Sons became Esajee & Co. and became one of the first food retail stores in the new city of Islamabad, Pakistan.

1980. Esajee & Co ventured into the imported gourmet food market and expanded its product line to include personal care and gift items appealing to the affluent.

September, 2001. A second retail store was opened in the niche market of Gulberg, Lahore.

January, 2007. Esajee Solutions was established to deploy and market open source software technology solutions for the retail and trade industry to put company on a technology driven transformational path.   

December, 2009. A third retail store opened in the upscale neighborhood of Defense Housing Authority in Lahore.

March, 2019. A fifth retail outlet opened in famous Civic Center of Phase IV, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

August, 2019. A sixth retail outlet opened in the upscale area of DHA Phase V, Lahore.

Over the years. Esajee's has become a name synonymous with quality, variety and fine customer service.


Kohsar Market, Islamabad (NTN Number: 4017388-7 | STRN Number: 2600401738816)

Our Islamabad flagship store is located in the niche market of Kohsar. This location is unique, as it is frequently visited by foreigners and the well-off locals for their daily groceries, shopping, dining and leisure activities. The Kohsar Market of Islamabad is popular as it is relatively secure and has a serene environment. Located within a 0-3 KMs radius from majority of the high-end hotels, embassies and other localities where most foreigners reside. 

Esajee’s Kohsar store has been proudly serving its affluent and regular customers since 1965. This store, with a nearby warehouse and technology center, also caters to the demands of Esajee’s corporate customers which include embassies, hotels, restaurants and other high consuming corporations.
Esajee’s Kohsar store comprises of two levels of shopping area. This store is loaded to the brim with world’s finest chocolates, coffees, ice creams, cheeses. Personal care and gift items such as authentic perfumes, branded shoes are available on the upper level of the store.


Defence Housing Authority, Lahore (NTN Number: 1302558-9 | STRN Number: 0303210001246)

Our Lahore flagship store and pharmacy is located in the Y block of the affluent Defence Housing Authority (DHA). The DHA store, launched in 2009, is relevantly a new addition to our chain of stores in Pakistan.

Esajee’s, Phase III DHA store houses a state-of-the-art pharmacy which provides local as well as imported drugs that are not easily available in the country.

There are two levels of shopping area, the first level encloses fine foods and imported grocery items, whereas the upper level houses a large range of branded clothing, personal care and gift items & as well as pet care products.


Gulberg, Lahore (NTN Number: 1302558-9 | STRN Number: 0303210001246)

Our second store in Lahore caters to a big chunk of the city, located in the famous Gulberg-III, which is one of the ace areas of the city and is inhabited by bureaucrats and well-off business owners and professionals. Our Gulberg store is a popular destination for people who recognize the unmatched authenticity of the merchandise available at Esajee stores.

Our customers come from all parts of the city to fetch the premier quality original products.

A tradition of excellence to serve the connoisseurs of the world’s finest foods and personal care items. A place like no other in Pakistan, a huge array of rich chocolates, coffees, ice creams, cheeses and artistic blend of herbs and spices awaits you at Esajee’s Gulberg store.


Bahria Town, Rawalpindi - Islamabad

In March 2019, Esajee's opened it's fifth flagship store at Civic Centre, Phase IV, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.

It includes exclusive variety of groceries, cosmetics, toys, pet foods. beauty, kids clothing, crockery & much more.


DHA Phase V, Lahore

In August 2019, Esajee's opened it's sixth retail store at DHA Phase V, Lahore.


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