Alpecin Sport Shampoo CTX 250ml

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  • Alpecin Sport Shampoo contains caffeine, taurine and micronutrients.
  • Alpecin Sport Shampoo recharges hair at the roots.
  • German engineering for your hair.
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Product NameAlpecin Sport Shampoo CTX 250ml
Dairy FreeNo
Gluten FreeNo
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Alpecin Sport Shampoo CTX, 250ml
Men who push themselves to the physical limit when doing sports often experience hair loss. During high-intensity exercise the muscles consume a lot of energy and the body saves energy elsewhere including at the hair roots. This weakening at the hair roots could result in hair loss as the hair folicies themselves are high performance organs that require a lot of energy to reproduce. Alpecin Sport Shampoo is ideal for physically active men due to its active ingredient combination of caffeine, taurine and micronutrients to help recharge the weakened hair roots and help promote strong hair growth.

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